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Accolades_ Congressional Merit of Specia
30X60 Mixed Media with Robbie Montgomery
"Cornupocia of Cultural Delight"
by Sabrina R. Campbell

"Art is the stART of Everything"​by Sabrina R. Campbell

           The world is a composed of such beauty and uniqueness and I refer to that as "A Cornucopia of Cultural Delight." Each person is uniques created and are blessed with multiple gifts, talents, and ideas to contribute to the world we live in. We should happily and respectfully respect and appreciate each other for who we are and our contributions to the society. 

            All of these qualities create a world of rich diversity and breathtaking cultures that surpasses our understanding but warrants our respect. Enriching the world through The Arts, its limitless creativity, it boundless compacity, and overwhelming educational and therapeutic marvels is my heart's desire. 

           Support the Arts as often as possible through as many venues as possible from school to community events, exposing all ages to Art Exhibits, and family art-filled activities. 

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